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Mom’s Keychain

4 and up: Mothers Day: Two Sessions
Moms Keychain

Mom's Keychain

Moms Keychain


Create a unique keychain for mom using glitter goo and beads! These colorful materials provide unique textural and design possibilities for children to experiment with. A colorful learning activity that makes a great gift!

Set Up Ideas

Use a hard, non-porous surface for the kids to make their designs on. Prepare a safe area to set this project aside so that it can dry overnight.

Let’s Get Started

Set out cookie sheets, plastic lids and or other stiff, non-porous materials for the kids to create glitter goo designs on. Beads, lacing yarn, pipe cleaners and keyrings are also a few materials you may wish to make available.


Create a design with glitter goo on a stiff, non-porous material. Designs should be solid mass so that they dry in sheets.


Allow the design to dry completely. We recommend placing the children's work in a safe place to dry overnight.


The next day, you'll find the shapes are solid and hard. Using a hole punch, create a hole where you want the shape to hang from the keychain.


Using string, lacing yarn, or pipe cleaners, have the kids bead a short 2-3" area. Tie it off and thread through a keyring.

Ask the children about their designs and what colors or patterns they used. How many beads did you lace onto the keychain? Ask about their mother's favorite colors.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

It is recommended to keep the shape around 3-4" at most so that it is a good keychain size. The Colorations® keychain kits are the perfect size.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

You could use this same idea to create a necklace charm, refrigerator magnet or even a pin.

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