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Leprechaun Gold Toss

15-30 Minutes: 6 and up: St. Patricks Day
Leprechaun Gold Toss

Leprechaun Gold Toss

Leprechaun Gold Toss
An Activity for School Age Children

Create a leprechaun hat toss game that challenges children to aim for the gold! Create a hat using construction paper and a flower pot as a stand, then crinkle up pieces of yellow construction paper as golden nuggets. Toss the nuggets into the leprechaun hat to score!

Before You Begin:

You'll need something stable to hold the hat bucket. We used a papier-mâché flowerpot decorated as a leprechaun. You could adhere to cardboard or another heavier object.

Let's Get Started

Cut a circle approximately 6" in diameter from green construction paper for the hat base. Cut another strip approximately 4" x 12" for the hat barrel. Affix the two ends of the strip together with tape or glue to make a cylinder. Affix the cylinder to the base of the hat with tape.


Cut a black strip for the hat band and decorate with glitter, stickers, glitter glue, confetti and any other collage materials you can imagine.


Affix the hat onto a heavy base of your choice (pictured here is a papier-mâché flower pot decorated like the leprechaun's head) using glue.


Cut a piece of 9" x 12" yellow construction paper into 9 pieces (size does not have to be exact). Have the kids join in to scrunch the squares into tight balls to resemble nuggets of gold.


Children will love tossing the nuggets into the hat and counting how many they made. Keep score, or just play for fun!

Once they've completed their gold toss hats and gold pieces, assist the children in counting the pieces that they land into the hat. You may discuss how leprechauns are part of Irish folktales. While stories of leprechauns vary, they are often known for their love of gold.


Tips and TricksPractice early addition or counting skills by saving the gold nuggets that make it into the hat and counting or adding them up afterward to determine the children's scores.

Follow up ActivityInterested in another tossing St. Patrick's Day tossing activity? Cut shamrocks out of green construction paper and affix to a wall. Give each shamrock a point value and have the children toss their gold nuggets at the shamrocks for points!

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