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Fluffy Goop

30 Minutes: 4 and up: Learning - Creative Thinking
Fluffy Goop

Fluffy Goop


Stoke creative thinking with soft and squishy fluffy goop! Children love combining in- gredients according to a recipe to create a unique mixture. While these goopy mixtures can often make for fun sensory activities, by adding collage materials children can create interesting three-dimensional artworks!

Learning Creative Thinking
Ages 3-9
Time 30 min
Fluffy Goop what you need

Set Up ideas

A couple of factors to keep in mind in preparing for this activity are space and cleanup! Ensure that children are creating their fluffy goop in large bowls so that their mixture will not overflow. Also, while many children enjoy the unique sensation of the goop, others may not, so ensure that cleanup supplies are readily available.

Let’s Get Started

Encourage children to stretch their imaginations as they begin this craft! Fluffy goop presents a wonderful opportunity to create imaginary creatures, unique shapes and totally abstract designs. With a bowl full of goop and a variety of collage materials, children can explore the creative process to make truly unique artworks.


Pour 1/4 cup of white glue into a small bowl. Add shaving cream on top of the glue, mounding it above the rim of the bowl.


Whip the glue and shaving cream together with a spoon until the mixture is smooth and thick, like cake frosting.


Add drops of Liquid WatercolorTM paint to the mixture. Stir in well to create a brighter mixture.


Use a spoon to spread the fluffy goop onto tagboard or a piece of cardboard. Some children may create interesting abstract de- signs while others may form letters, numbers, animals or other interesting shapes.

Add any collage materials desired while the fluffy goop mixture is still wet. Again, encourage creativity in children’s decisions and discuss their choices with them.

Spark conversation by discussing the children’s creations with them. Ask them what their creation is, or what it reminds them of. Discuss their choice of collage materials with them as well and offer words of encouragement and praise for their unique decisions and creation.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

While enjoying their fluffy goop, children can create colorful craters while the goop is still wet by dropping Liquid WatercolorTM on top.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Can the children turn their abstract fluffy creations into two-dimensional drawings? Have children recreate their artworks with markers. Discuss what makes each medium unique.

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