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Fall Leaves Luminaria

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Fall
Fall Leaves - Luminaria

Fall Leaves Luminaria



Fall leaves turn fiery hues of gold, yellow and red. Use those colors to create luminarias, small paper lanterns, that can be used to teach about the transitioning colors of leaves in the fall and how light shines through different materials.

Set Up Ideas

Gather a variety of collage materials onto plates or trays so that children may easily grab the supplies that they wish to use.

Let’s Get Started

Gather the following materials: glue, glitter glue, fabric Fall leaves, foam leaves, natural leaves or other materials, glitter, and any other decorative materials desired. Encourage children to get creative in designing their lanterns!


Brush or sponge clear-drying liquid glue onto either the inside or the outside of the mason jar. For a little added sparkle, you may wish to use glitter glue.


Begin adhering fabric leaves or other materials as desired onto the glue-covered jar. You may cover the entire surface or leaving empty areas for interest.


Decorate lid of mason jar if desired. At this point you also may wish to brush glue or Mod Podge on top of the leaves to add a coat of protection.


Once dry, place an LED candle (a real candle is NOT recommended) on the inside of the jar and watch the leaves glow!

Fall leaves come in beautiful orange, yellow, red and brown colors. Incorporate science into this activity by discussing why leaves change color. You may also discuss light and illumination, as well as favorite fall activities such as campfires and playing in leaves.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If decorating the inside of the jar, it may be easier to pour about a teaspoon of glue into the bottom of the jar so kids can easily dip into it with a brush and spread the glue.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Darken the room and light all the luminarias using LED candles to see a beautiful display of warm light! Have the children note their observations about how light travels through the leaves.

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