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Everyone Fits In Here

10-15 Minutes: 2 and up: Kindness Day
Everyone Fits in Here Creative Craft Activity for Kindness Day

Everyone Fits In Here

Everyone Fits in Here Creative Craft Activity for Kindness Day


Everyone is different, but we can all fit together to form a beautiful group! Create a unique assortment of characters and then link them together to form a cohesive group. This activity is a great combination of creative expression, critical thinking and social and emotional awareness.

Set Up Ideas

Be sure to keep each puzzle kit separate, as combining or mixing up pieces may make the puzzles impossible to complete. Be sure to provide a variety of creative collage materials.

Let’s Get Started

To create these personalized puzzles, you'll need our Make A Puzzle kit and whatever materials you'd like to use to create your puzzles. Some materials you may use include markers, crayons, glue and wiggly eyes.


Begin by providing each child with an unassembled decorate-your-own puzzle kit.


Have the children decorate each puzzle piece as a unique face. Try using different colors, and collage materials for each


Once they have finished decorating their pieces, have the children assemble their puzzles.


With their puzzle completed, the children will have an illustration of how different people can fit together as a group!

Discuss how each piece of the puzzle is a different shape, just like how each person is unique as well. Despite our differences, people can still find ways to work together. Sometimes we can fill in each other's gaps in knowledge or ability and learn from each other to form a complete whole.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Be sure the children don't mix their pieces with each other, as that may prevent the puzzle from being completed. You may have the children write their names on the back of each piece to keep track of them.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Have the children swap puzzles and complete them! Looking at other children's representations of people can help broaden their horizon even more.

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