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Bell Pepper Clovers and Shamrocks

15 Minutes: 2 and up: St. Patricks Day

Bell Pepper Clovers and Shamrocks

An Activity for Preschoolers:

A colorful art activity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Before You Begin:

Slice bell peppers ahead of time so they’re ready for children to use. Some peppers have 3 lobes and some have 4. Use both.

Activity Goals:

To explore shapes such as clovers and shamrocks.
To create art using a unique object.
To become familiar with the colors associated with St. Patrick’s Day.


Be aware that some agencies do not like to use food for art projects. Make sure to be conservative about using food. If there is a possibility that any children in your group come to school hungry, it is best practice to refrain from using food in a disposable manner.

Let's Get Started


Have each child dip the flat side of a bell pepper into paint then onto white paper.


Repeat until each child is happy with the number of shamrocks/clovers on their page.


Use glitter glue, sequins, pipe cleaners and other embellishments to finish off the art project.

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