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Bee Kind, Bee Polite

10-15 Minutes: 4 and up: Kindness Day
Bee Kind, Bee Polite Creative Craft Activity for Kindness Day

Bee Kind, Bee Polite

Bee Kind, Bee Polite Creative Craft Activity for Kindness Day


When children are polite and kind, they're sweet as honey! Help create a reminder to be nice, kind and helpful with this adorable bee craft. Easy to make with just a few supplies, these helpful bees are a great daily reminder of good behavior.

Set Up Ideas

Have additional collage materials on hand such as yellow and black poms, foam shapes or construction paper to make more elaborate bee creations.

Let’s Get Started

These bees are simply buzzing with kindness! To make them, you'll need construction paper, markers, glue sticks, wiggly eyes and scissors.


Begin by having the children trace their hands onto yellow construction paper.


Draw a bee shape onto yellow construction paper using black marker. You may draw something as simple as a long oval and a circle together to create the body.


Cut out the construction paper hands and the bee shape. Glue the hands behind the bee body to represent wings.


Add wiggly eyes, draw on a face and write "Be nice!" and "Be polite!" on the bee's stripes as a reminder to the children.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to focus on being better to one another. Leaving notes in places that we will see them is a great way to stay focused on those goals. For a little science lesson, you may also discuss how bees create honey.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

You may provide many suggestions for children to write on their bees. They may create a reminder to be nice, thoughtful, polite, friendly or any number of positive traits.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

When bees are happy and well taken care of, they produce tons of tasty, lovely honey. Create your own honey slime using glue, the Colorations® Slime Activator kit and Liquid Watercolor.

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