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Witch’s Hat

15-30 Minutes: 4 and up: Halloween
Witch's Hat Craft Activity

Witch's Hat

Witch's Hat Halloween Craft Activity


This Halloween activity is wicked fun, and great practice for combining simple shapes to make more complex ones. In addition to exploring shapes and developing cutting skills, children will also learn about classic Halloween colors and using negative space in art.

Set Up Ideas

Prepare a space with the construction paper, paints and other supplies needed. Since this activity involves painting, have cleaning supplies ready in case of any messes.

Let’s Get Started

To make these whimsical witch hats, you'll need to gather sheets of black and white construction paper and Metallic BioColor paints in green, purple and yellow. You'll also need scissors, glue sticks, craft cups to hold your paints and paintbrushes.


Paint one sheet of construction paper with green paint. Paint half of another sheet purple and the other half yellow.


While the paint is drying, cut a large triangle from a sheet of construction paper. Then cut a long, thin rectangle to form the brim of the hat. Glue the brim to the base of the triangle.


Once the paint is dry, cut green and purple strips and a yellow square from the painted construction paper. Cut the center our of the square so that it resembles a belt buckle.


Using a glue stick, add glue to the backs of the strips. Place them onto the hat, wrapping excess parts around the back side (you may need to cut some strips near the point of the hat). Glue the buckle to the bottom center.

Discuss how combining simple shapes such as triangles and rectangles can create new, unique shapes and designs such as this witch hat. Many complex objects are simply combinations of very simple shapes. You may discuss what other shapes children would use to create objects like a broomstick, cauldron, pumpkin and more.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Be prepared to help children, especially younger children, with cutting, painting and gluing as needed. For a quicker, paint-free version of this activity, you may simply use different colors of construction paper rather than painting.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Create more witchy accessories such as brooms and cauldrons using simple shapes painted and cut from construction paper.

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