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St. Pat’s Hats

15 Minutes: 2 and up: St. Patricks Day
St. Pat's Hats

St. Pat's Hats

St. Pat's Hats
An Activity for Preschoolers:

A delightful craft to make and wear!

Before You Begin:

Gather materials needed: white paper top hats, glue and all green and gold decorating materials, including paint, markers, glitter glue and collage materials.

Activity Goals:

To inspire open-ended creativity and self-expression by decorating a St. Patrick's Day celebration hat!


These hats are a wonderful blank canvas for children to decorate and wear with pride.

Let's Get Started


Color the white paper top hats with green and/or gold markers, paint, crayons or tempera sticks.


Once the hats are done drying, use glue or glue dots to continue adding collage materials, glitter and any other decorative embellishments.


Have fun wearing your colorful hats, or put them on display for all to admire!

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