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Shimmering Spider Webs

10-15 Minutes: 2 and up: Halloween
Shimmering Spider Webs Creative Craft Activity for Halloween

Shimmering Spider Webs

Shimmering Spider Webs Creative Craft Activity for Halloween


While spiders are often depicted in Halloween décor as being creepy crawlies, there's no denying that their webs are works of wonder! Catch some fun with these shimmery webs as children practice focus and line drawing.

Set Up Ideas

Begin this activity by sharing some images of spiderwebs. You may show both real webs as well as Halloween-stylized webbing.

Let’s Get Started

To get started, you'll either need to pour washable silver glitter paint into Nancy bottles, or you'll need silver glitter goo to create your web. In addition, you'll need black foam sheets on which to create your webs.


Draw several lines from the center of a foam sheet all the way to the edges. Space the lines apart roughly, but not exactly, equidistant.


Starting from near the center, draw from line to line in a circular motion to create the webbing design. Lines may be straight or slightly dipping toward the center.


Add any other errant lines around the edges or inside the webbing to make a truly unique design.


Once you've finished creating your web, allow the design to dry completely.

While some children (and adults) may find spiders to be creepy, there's no denying that their webs can be beautiful, marvelous creations. Many spiders use silky webbing both to catch their prey as well as to build cocoons that protect their eggs.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

For children who may have some difficulty using bottles to draw lines, you may wish to have them draw their web design with pencil, white crayon or black crayon. Then, trace over the drawn lines with glitter paint.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Complete your web décor by creating a creepy spider from black pom poms and pipe cleaners and glue it to your web.

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