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Olympic Torch

15 Minutes: 2 and up: Olympics
Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Create a fabulous torch to inspire Olympic dreams!

Before You Begin:

You'll only need to gather a few simple materials for this exciting activity: extra-long craft rolls, tissue paper, glitter glue or sparkly paint, and regular glue.

Activity Goals:

To create an Olympic Torch that will inspire children to be active and role-play.


In addition to providing a hands-on way to learn about the Olympics, these torches may also be used as part of a relay race or other Olympics-inspired activities that get children up and exercising.

Let's Get Started


Paint the craft roll with glitter glue or sparkly paint, and then let it dry.


Combine red, orange and yellow tissue paper sheets together to create a single stem at one end and flames at the other.


Once the craft roll is dry, insert the tissue paper stem into one end of the roll.


Add a little bit of glue on the inside of the roll to keep the tissue stem in place, and then let it dry.

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