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Glittery Wax Painting

15-30 Minutes: 2 and up: Open Ended

Glittery Wax Painting



This educational art activity will have children using a unique art technique and getting hands-on to manipulate their artwork. This activity provides a unique way to practice fingerpainting without the mess—plus, children will enjoy painting on a non-opaque canvas.

Set Up Ideas

BioColor® and Colorations® Glitter Paint come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors! You may chose to provide a variety of tools such as paintbrushes and foam rollers.

Let’s Get Started

You may need to prepare sheets of wax paper in advance, as well as get pieces of masking tape ready for children use. Demonstrating a completed version of this artwork can help children to conceptualize what their final piece will look like.


Use masking tape to tape one large sheet of wax paper onto a table. Set aside a second sheet of equal size for use later on.


Use BioColor® and glitter paint to paint a picture on top of the wax paper. You may experiment with using brushes or foam rollers as well.


With your painting complete, place the second sheet of wax paper on top of the wet paint. Carefully place the sheet to ensure that all edges are flush against one another.


Move paint around to distort the original image by pressing and rubbing your fingers on the top paper. Leave the top sheet on top and allow to dry.

Be sure to let children know that the artwork that they paint is meant to be distorted after adding on the second sheet of wax. This may keep them from fretting over small details, and also encourage them to plan ahead and take advantage of this technique.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

You might encourage children to use more paint than they normally would for a more dramatic transformation. Be sure to work on a washable surface or newspaper to clean messes from paint squeezed out of the sides.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Create a lovely display using this artwork to create a window hanger with a stained-glass effect. Cut shapes out of the glittery wax pictures, punch a hole at the top and hang in a window.

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