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Fiery Fall Trees

15-30 Minutes: 6 and up: Fall
Fall Fiery Leaves Trees

Fiery Fall Trees

Fall Fiery Leaves Trees


In the fall in certain areas of the country, tree leaves turn fiery hues of gold, red, yellow and orange. Children may wonder, what makes trees change colors? This craft is a great accompaniment to lessons on trees and the life cycle of a tree.

Set Up Ideas

Pour paint onto cups, plates or trays to make it easy for kids to obtain the paint they need. Have cleaning supplies readily available and set up an area for drying with butcher paper.

Let’s Get Started

Gather materials: Recycled craft rolls, scissors, washable brown paint, paint brushes, tissue paper in fall colors cut into 8" circles, glue, and other natural collage materials as desired.


Paint craft rolls with dark brown paint and allow to dry. You'll find that the brush strokes resemble to look of tree bark!


Once dry, cut 5 slits 2" long each on one end of the craft roll. Bend these downward to resemble branches of a tree.


Layer several colors of tissue paper circles together and gather in the center to create a cone. Glue the cone of tissue to the inside of the craft roll.


Add nature collage materials like moss and small pinecones to the bottom for additional decoration.

This activity presents a great opportunity to discuss the changing colors of leaves in the fall, before falling off altogether. Have the children give their best guesses as to why the leaves change colors.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Adding the glue in step 3 helps to hold the piece together, but it is not necessary. For a glue-free version of this activity, you may use tape or let the cone of tissue paper just sit inside the craft roll.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Place all of the trees in one area of the classroom to create a beautiful grove of fall trees. You could even use them to decorate a block play city.

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