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“Eye” Am 100 Days Smarter Creature

100 Days: 15 Minutes: 4 and up
100th Day Ice Cream Celebration

"Eye" Am 100 Days Smarter Creature

100th Day Ice Cream Celebration
An Activity for School-age:

All eyes will be on these unique creatures!

Before You Begin:

Create an activity station and gather the following materials: construction paper, scissors, glitter glue, collage materials for decorating the creature and 100 wiggly eyes per child.

Activity Goals:

To spark and encourage imagination and creativity while celebrating 100 days of school.


Encourage children to be as creative as they like--add extra limbs and unusual facial features for completely unique creations.

Let's Get Started


Cut construction paper to create creature parts including a body, arms, legs, etc.


Draw or create creature features with collage materials, including a mouth, hands, antennae, etc.


Count out 100 eyes and affix to the creatures face however and wherever you like!

Season 100 Days
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