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Easter Bonnet

15 Minutes: 2 and up: Easter
Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet
An Activity for Preschoolers:

These easy hats are sure to spread smiles and joy!

Before You Begin:

This simple activity uses Texas Snowflakes and Liquid Watercolor™ as the base. You'll want to gather sprayers, droppers or paint brushes for the Liquid Watercolor™, plus ribbon or decorative tape for the final step.

Activity Goals:

To create a fun, wearable Easter bonnet.


These colorful bonnets are adorable and fun for everyone.

Let's Get Started


Spray, drop or paint large Texas Snowflakes with Liquid Watercolor™ and then leave them out to dry.


Once completely dry, place them on children's heads and use ribbon or decorative tape to gather the top and create a comfortable, colorful hat.

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