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Craft Stick Flags

15 Minutes: 4 and up: 4th of July
Craft Stick Flags

Craft Stick Flags

Craft Stick Flags
An Activity for School-Age:

Children will love creating their own artistic interpretation of the US Flag!

Before You Begin:

For these craft stick flags, you'll need large natural craft sticks, red paint, blue paint, white paint and hot or washable glue. This craft can be done using any number of craft sticks you'd like. You may also use smaller craft sticks to create smaller flags.

Activity Goals:

To create a decorative USA flag.


Use 13 craft sticks to recreate the same number of red and white stripes as are on the actual US flag. This activity is a great opportunity to discuss the shapes and colors of the US flag.

Let's Get Started


Lay unpainted craft sticks side by side in the size that you want your flag to be.


To begin painting the flag, decide where the blue block for the stars will go and paint that section blue.


After that is done, begin painting the craft sticks alternating red and white and then allow all the craft sticks to dry completely.


Once the craft sticks are dry, turn the sticks over and glue another stick on the back of all of them on the right edge to secure the sticks in place.


Once the glue is dry, turn the flag over and continue decorating, including white dots, glitter glue or any other materials desired to complete your flag.

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