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Construction Paper Popsicles

15 Minutes: 2 and up: Summer
Construction Paper Popsicles

Construction Paper Popsicles

Construction Paper Popsicles
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Cool off with this cool craft!

Before You Begin:

To create these colorful popsicles you'll need construction paper, jumbo craft sticks and any collage materials desired, such as poms, glitter glue and gems.

Activity Goals:

To make imaginative giant popsicles perfect for summer celebrations!


For an extra special popsicle, use two different colored pieces of construction paper!

Let's Get Started


Cut two popsicle shapes roughly 9" long out of any color construction paper. To make a stronger popsicle, you may cut two pieces of cardboard in the same shape and color.


Glue the two pieces together with the craft stick in-between and poking out of the bottom.


Decorate the popsicle using paint, glitter glue and any collage materials desired. You may decorate both sides of the popsicle, or just one side.

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