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Autumn Stamp Art

2 and up: 45 Minutes: Thanksgiving
Autumn Stamp Art

Autumn Stamp Art

Autumn Stamp Art
An Activity for Preschoolers:

Celebrate the autumn season with this fun stamping project!

Before You Begin:

If you’re feeling energetic you may want to prepare pumpkin soup for all to taste. Set out construction paper, Thanksgiving-themed stampers and stamp pads.

Activity Goals:

Expose children to autumn and the harvest
Exercise creativity


This activity may be done for other seasons as well as autumn.

Let's Get Started


Read a book about autumn, and then discuss the season and what it means. Incorporate information about the fall harvest. What do we harvest in the fall? Have you ever had pumpkin soup? Do you like squash? Have you ever explored a scary maze?


Pass out paper, stampers and divide the stamp pads among the children.

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