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Super Colored Snow

10-15 Minutes: 2 and up: STEM
Super Colored Snow

Super Colored Snow


Sensory activities are often some of the most popular classroom activities. They give children a break from some of their more routine activities and explore the vital sensation of touch. This stimulating activity incorporating Liquid WatercolorTM and sensory snow has an added scientific element as well.

Learning Steam
Ages 3-12
Time 10-15min
Super Colored Snow what you need

Set Up ideas

The setup for this activity is pretty simple. You may wish to have one or more tubs available for the children to store their snow in. Have a few colors of Liquid WatercolorTM ready for use, and a nice sized pitcher of cold water.

Let’s Get Started

Depending on the number of children you have, you may want to take turns with them to receive and dump their snow or have them gather around in small groups to work with several at a time.


Measure 2 oz. of water in a measuring cup, and then add a small amount of Liquid WatercolorTM in any color to the water. Repeat for each color of snow that you’d like to create.


Have children tightly cup their hands together. Then, place two scoops of Insta-Snow® into the children’s hands.


Slowly pour the water and Liquid WatercolorTM solution into the children’s cupped hands so that it mixes with the Insta-Snow®.


Count to three together with the children as the Insta-Snow® powder absorbs the colored water solution.



On three, have the children dump their handful of snow into a plastic bin. Now it’s time to play!

Children may choose to depict an actual scene or simply create abstract artwork. Whichever they choose, it might not be so clear to you as an outside observer. Ask questions and have them explain to you whether they are depicting something real or creating something abstract.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Since the foil is flexible, another option is to wrap 3D objects with the completed artwork. Small boxes, figurines and cups are just a few possible ideas.

Using extra-wide foil is also a great way to turn this project into a mural or table covering.

Follow up Activity

Follow up Activity

Perform an art exhibition with the children’s creations! Display children’s artworks throughout the room and encourage them to discuss their artistic choices and what they think about their finished product.

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