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Cut-Out Heart Rainbows

30-45 Minutes: 4 and up: Pride
Celebrate Pride! Colorful Heart Cut Out Rainbows

Colorful Cut-Out Heart Rainbows

Celebrate Pride! Colorful Heart Cut Out Rainbows
An Activity for Preschool Children

Cutting out many colorful hearts is only half the fun of this pride rainbow craft. Watch the children arrange the hearts into rainbows for the classroom or to bring a cheerful artwork home with them.

Before You Begin:

Gather construction paper in a rainbow of colors. You’ll also need some inexpensive paper plates, scissors and white school glue or glue sticks. If you can show the children a pride flag, it may help inspire them.

Activity Goals:

Show your classroom pride by displaying a cheerful heart rainbow.
Create a rainbow that children can take home to their families.
Display all the rainbows together on a bulletin board for pride month.


Discuss with the children what pride month is intended to celebrate and what the colors of the pride flag represent.

Let's Get Started


Show the children how to cut hearts out of construction paper in the colors of the pride flag.


Cut a paper plate in half to create a rainbow shape and then coat it in a generous layer of wet glue.


Demonstrate how to lay the hearts into the glue in rows to create a rainbow. You may create one in advance to use as a model.


Allow the crafts to dry flat overnight and then display them together in the classroom or have the children take them home.

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