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Pom Poms

The Colorful History of the Pom-Pom

You might not think much about the cultural role of these soft little fluffs, but pom-poms have a rich and colorful history adorning uniforms, traditional dress, casual clothing and décor across the world. Join us as we explore some of the history of the pom-pom!

Pom-Pom Caterpillar

Caterpillars are an amazing insect for celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day art roll tree

Toddler Art Roll Tree

Trees are essential to life on Earth. Celebrate them with this fun craft!

Earth Day noodles

Magic Nuudles® Earth!

Create a colorful Earth with fun-to-use Magic Nuudles®!

Fluffy Goop

Fluffy Goop

Stoke creative thinking with soft and squishy fluffy goop! Children love combining in- gredients according to a recipe to create a unique mixture. While these goopy mixtures can often make for fun sensory activities, by adding collage materials children can create interesting three-dimensional artworks!

Craft Activity - Build Your Own Vehicle

Build Your Own Vehicle

Children are fascinated by all different modes of transportation. From cars and trains to boats, rocket ships and bicycles, they just can’t seem to get enough of moving around in fun and interesting ways!

Matching Beads

Bead Sequencing

Beading activities are not only great for creating stylish bracelets and necklaces—they are also wonderful opportunities to practice patterns, sequencing, concentration and focus!

Mirror Frames

Mirror Frames

Give children a boost in self-expression and self-esteem with these delightful mirror frames! Building self-esteem is critical in young children, and this activity is a great way to provide words of encouragement and a way for them to see their own creativity and beauty reflected back at them.

Flower Pencil

Flower Pencil

The key to this activity is using lots of vibrant color! Ensure that each child has easy access to a variety of Liquid WatercolorTM paints so that they can quickly grab what they need without having to wait for a bottle to become free. As with any activity in which paint is used, keep cleaning supplies within reach.

Building tubes

Art Roll Structures

Children love building with a variety of construction tools. This activity takes DIY construction projects to a whole new level by having children create their own unique building blocks with craft rolls!

Torn Paper Animals

Torn Paper Animals

This activity is all about self-expression, creativity and individuality, so be sure to provide children with a broad selection of paints and textured paint rollers to work with.

Super Colored Snow

Super Colored Snow

Sensory activities are often some of the most popular classroom activities. They give children a break from some of their more routine activities and explore the vital sensation of touch. This stimulating activity incorporating Liquid WatercolorTM and sensory snow has an added scientific element as well.

Earth Day fingerpaint

Mess-Free Earth Toddler Art

Enjoy the art of fingerpainting without the mess!

Biocolor Xrays

BioColor® X-Rays

This extraordinary artwork encourages children to take a unique look inside! From covering their hands with smooth, wet paint to the final result of an artwork that closely resembles an x-ray, children will be talking about this activity for weeks to come!

Road Stamping

Road Stamps

Lay the foundation for little cartographers and civic engineers! Using road stampers en- courages logical reasoning, creativity and social skills as children plan their paths, stamp them up and travel along them with toy cars.

Rainbow Weaver

Rainbow Weaver

Weaving activities provide so many opportunities for learning and skill development! As children weave these lovely rainbows, they’ll be learning about colors and a classic artform while also building critical fine motor skills.

Tissue Foil Shine

Tissue Foil Shine

Prepare for this activity by filling several craft cups with watered down white school glue and provide tissue paper. You may also wish to provide old magazines for children to find interesting images for their collages. Old wrapping paper and tissue paper with unique designs are also great options!

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